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living willow structures

willow treeWillow Tree Varieties

Listed here are interesting varieties of willow along with a brief description. Please click on the name to display pictures and a more extensive description of the specific species.

Success in growing trees from willow cuttings depends on good site preparation, careful planting and a long term plan for weeds.

You will find more information about erosion control using live willow cuttings on our wildlife landscaping site.

Willows Suitable for Creating Sculptures
Salix viminalis - Osier - This is a fantastically long and straight variety. Once established, it can grow 3m in a year! Good for the framework of structures.

Salix triandra - A number of types of this variety are good for creating smaller willow structures and fences such as Noire de Villaine. This variety leafs low down the rod and responds well to being trimmed back.

Salix purpurea - As with triandra, a number of types are good for creating smaller structures. Purpurea has lovely delicate rods and produces reliable growth.

Salix Red - a hybrid variety which includes Salix calodendron, Salix cinerea, Salix caprea and Salix viminalis. This is a vigorous variety of willow that grows well and has an attractive greeny red rod. It is very good for both the framework and the diagonals of structures.

Willows Suitable for Native Tree Planting Schemes
Salix alba - White Willow - An elegant tree with green and white downy leaves. Young bark growth is brown. Grows to 25m.

Salix cinerea - Grey Sallow - A waterside shrub. Downy leaves and young branches. Grows to 5m.

Salix daphnoides - Violet Willow - Lovely violet purple stems which take on a bloom in the springtime. Grows to 8m.

Salix fragilis - Crack Willow - A waterside tree often grown as a pollard. Fast growing to 25m.

Salix nigricans - Black Willow - Young growth is a lovely black and green. Grows to 10m.

Salix purpurea - Purple Willow - A spreading shrub with delicate branches grows to 4m.

Salix pentandra - Bay Willow - Glossy leaves. Native in the north of Britain. Grows to 15m.

Salix phylicifolia - Tea-leaved Willow - A lovely shrub. Chestnut coloured wood and shining leaves. Grows to 5m

Salix viminalis - Osier - A waterside shrub. Very fast growing - coppiced for rough basketry. Grows to 8m.

Salix alba britzensis - Red Willow - Bright red branches in the winter. If left uncut will grow to 25m.

Salix alba vitellina - Golden Willow - Yellow branches on the young growth best maintained by pollarding. Grows to 25m.

Willows Suitable For Basketry
Dicky Meadows (Salix purpurea) Slender reddish brown growth. Grows to 5ft per year.

Dark Dicks (Salix purpurea) A lovely slender dark purple/brown stem. Grows to 5ft per year.

Light Dicks (Salix purpurea) Slender light green stem. Grows to 5ft per year.

Richartii (Salix purpurea) Purple stems that grow to 5ft in one year.

Noire de Villaine (Salix triandra) A brown, pliable stem. Grows to 6ft in one year.

Weeping willows
Salix babylonica - Weeping Willow - Ornamental tree grown by water. Long thin trailing branches of yellow twigs and lanceolate leaves.

Salix caprea pendula - Dwarf Weeping Willow or Kilmarnock Willow - An ornamental dwarf weeping willow tree suitable for small gardens.

If you have any questions regarding the use of willow please contact us.

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